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Christmas Decor String Garland Curtain Light LED For Wedding Home Christmas Tree Ornament 2022 Navidad Xmas Gift 2023 New Year

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Color: multicolor 1

multicolor 1
warm white 1 remote
multicolor 1 remote
warm white 1
cold white 2 remote
multicolor 2
warm white 2 remote
cold white 2
multicolor 2 remote
warm white 2
multicolor 3 remote
warm white 3
multicolor 3
warm white 3 remote
warm white 4
multicolor 4
warm white 4 remote
multicolor 4 remote
warm white 5

Size: 110V US Plug

110V US Plug
220V EU Plug


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Note: Dear buyer, this link has a total of 5 styles of lights. Some buyers have chosen the wrong style when they purchased. So we are here to remind you again that you must choose the correct style when purchasing. We are factory direct sales, we will provide high quality products and services.


Color:  Warm White ,Multicolor,Cold White
Waterproof rating: IP44
Material:  Copper Wire + Plastic Cover
Length: 3.5 M/2.5M
Height: 0.3M-1M
Voltage:  AC 220V/110V
Plug standard:  EU Plug/US Plug
Note: If the voltage of your country is 220V, please choose 220V EU Plug when purchasing. If the voltage of your country is 110V, please choose 110V US Plug when purchasing.
Lead wire (line): 1.5  M
8 modes controller :  1. Constant light mode 2. Flash mode 3. Blinking mode 4. Continuous mode 5. Wave mode 6. Fantasy mode 7. Extinct mode 8. Slow flash mode
Mode A: 220V EU Plug Or 110V US Plug (No Remote Control)
Mode B:    220V EU Plug Or 110V  US Plug + Remote Control
Remote control battery model:   1* CR2025 button battery (not included)
Dear buyer, it is recommended that you buy a lamp with a remote control, because it will be more convenient and can help you avoid a lot of trouble. For example, if you hang the lamp higher, if the lamp does not have a remote control, it will be very troublesome to turn off the power every time.So we recommend you to buy lights with remote control.
Style 1 : 3.5M LED Star Big Moon Curtain Light
Style 2 : 2.5M  LED Small Star Curtain Light
Style 3 :  3.5M LED Christmas Curtain Light
Style 4 :  3.5M LED Moon Star Curtain Light
Style 5:  3M LED Ordinary Curtain Light
Frequently Asked Questions:
 Q1: Can I connect different lights together ?
 A: Yes, you can choose to connect different sets together to make the lights longer. There is a connector on the end of each light set to connect different lights together.(Battery-powered cannot be connected to each other)
 Q2: Can the lights be used outdoors?
 A: Yes,  The led lights are Waterproof, but please kindly protect the controller and end connectors or battery box well if you want to use them outside because the controller and end connector or battery aren't waterproof, please kindly note it.

The advantages of our shop:

1. Dear buyers, welcome to our shop. We are a manufacturer of lighting products, we have 10 years of production experience. We can manufacture more than 2000 styles of lamps. If you need other lamps, you can send us pictures. Although this is our new store, we will provide quality products and services. Thank you for your trust and support.

2. We support wholesale and dropshipping, we will choose better quality logistics to send the package, and double protection for the package. If there is any problem with your package, please contact us as soon as possible and we will help you deal with it. We are honest sellers and will not let customers lose.

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