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Scuba Diving BCD Equipment Rucksack Jacket Scuba Regulator Diving Buoyancy Adjustment Vest Buoyancy Controller S-XL

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Submersible breathing apparatus with BCD buoyancy vest submersible buoyancy regulator regulator inflatable vest

The product is special BCD for Liyu diving breathing apparatus, compatible with other similar products for docking.

The weight of the product is 1.5kg

Lightweight design, with pressure valve vent valve blow valve design. 1 key gas deflated to meet the needs of rapid underwater floating and sinking. The vest is designed with overpressure valve, so there is no need to worry about excessive gas and damage the vest.

Blow valve, in the absence of any pressurized equipment, you can use the popularity of the mouth to blow air to add air to the buoyancy vest, 3 to 5 breath can blow the vest.

Material: Nylon material. Contains secondary head mouthpiece
Note: This type of BCD is not applicable to professional gas cylinder BCD. The product does not come with gas cylinder back frame

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