Southwest Native American Tribal Totem Boho Large Wall Clock

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Product category: wall clock
Material: PVC
Plate thickness: 5mm
Joints: sweep
Power type: battery
Size: 25cmx25cm
Scope of application: perfect wall clock for offices, classrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, bedside tables, bookshelves, fireplaces and any room in the home.
Product features:
1. It is made of high-quality materials, densified and reinforced, and durable.
2. The carving text is clear, the style is simple, fashionable and easy to match.
3. Good motion performance, high precision and good stability.
4. Be silent, say goodbye to ticklock, and give you a good environment.
5. This product needs to use AA carbon battery, no battery!
Washing instructions: wipe with dry and wet cloth