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Tumbler Flamingo Goblet Crystal Tall

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Color: 17x12.5cm (Light Green)

17x12.5cm (Light Green)
17x12.5cm (Purple)
17x12.5cm (Clear)


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If you are perplexed by the selection of the wine cup, why not have a look at this colored goblet? With the clear body of the cup, you can see the liquid or dessert inside at all angles, nice for you to take photos and give a nice backdrop. Furthermore, you can use this cup to treat your guests, who will address you with compliments.


- Size: 17.00X12.50X9.00cm/6.68X4.91X3.54in

-It has a lightweight design and is very easy to hold and use. The cup is smooth and not curled up, reducing the restraint between the lips and the cup.
-The cup is transparent and translucent, coupled with an elegant design, which is very attractive.
-Glass material, safe and durable, excellent texture, you can use this cup as a photo prop, or treat your guest with this cup.
-The shape is unique, and the decorative effect is good. It is really a good product.
-The unique shape will win people's favor, and you will so be delighted when you use this cup to eat or drink.

1 x Cup

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